Why people choose CDA as
their website provider

We use tried and tested software

We build our websites with a custom setup of WordPress. Topped off with security, speed enhancements, and custom design infrastructure. WordPress is the same software used to build websites like the official US Government WhiteHouse.gov site, as well as Facebook’s Newsroom website, and websites by The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft News, Sony Music, TechCrunch, and more…. and millions of other companies built their websites using WordPress too.

WordPress (what we build our websites with) is trusted by the biggest organisations and governments

The Walt Disney Company Website – built with WordPress

Microsoft Windows 10 Blog – built with WordPress

Facebook’s Newsroom Site – built with WordPress

The US Government White House Website – built with WordPress

We don't do lock-in contracts

While it would be a shame to see any of our clients go (one day it may happen), we do business how we believe is fair and professional. Our website service agreements don’t lock you in with us and you are free to move to another provider if you want to. You can upgrade, and change any day – though we need 30 days notice to prepare and ensure your website is ready to move. Note that other providers may not include service licences that we do, be sure to check before moving.

Our services are built to scale and grow with you

When you need more resources, more pages for your website, and more features – our platform can accommodate it. The websites we build for you are designed to last for years, and to allow many features to work with them as you need it.

We offer technical support for your lifetime

Unlike others, we don’t just build your website and leave it. We engage with you to provide website training, check in on how you and your team are using your website, and how we can help. Our technical team works day and night to ensure our services work as they should and will be there when you need us. Visit this page to see our website upgrade services.

We give back and support the little ones

Small businesses, sole traders, community clubs and more. We’ve worked with them all – and we love to give back. We ran a free ad campaign on Facebook to raise awareness back in 2020, and have provided free optimisations and fixes to many other clients of ours, at random. We believe in giving back, and supporting communities and small businesses.

We're Australian-founded, with our web servers based in Australia too

All our web servers are located in Australia and use the latest security, software, and hardware. Although if you’re international, we can accommodate for you too with the options to host your website on the best location(s) for you.

No overseas call centres. No low quality services or web hosting. Supporting the Australian economy.

... and if you need a few more reasons

CDA built websites vs. the rest

Do-it-yourself website alternatives

There are a number of DIY website builders out there emerging. They are usually basic website builder where you drag and drop items to put on your website. While this may be good for simple one page static websites, a lot of their features aren’t free, they have a limited selection of plugins and tools (especially free ones), and you are locked into their services which are ever-increasing in cost. Just check out the thousands of reviews (over 70% are less than ideal experiences) with one of the alternatives called Wix here. These are the parts of their services they don’t want you to see, and you won’t see on their marketing. If you’re looking to grow your website and add more to it over time, or enhance its functionality, there are better options.

Unlike others, WordPress (what we use) is open-source and community-driven. Core software updates are free, and ideas are helped developed from an expert community of developers not driven for profit. You’re never locked in even when you get your website built with us, and there are tens of thousands of plugins (features you can add to your website) available for your needs.

And these benefits are passed right on to you – with no lock-in contracts, thousands of features, and nearly unlimited possibilities; when you get a website with us, you get to have it how you want. It’s also highly customisable, doesn’t have ads, and you don’t have to fight for attention among the hundreds of other posts of people similar to you like on social media.

Our clients love our work

Client reviews

"I took your website mock-ups to the committee meeting yesterday and everyone was blown away by how awesome they look.
Thank you so much."
Average client rating (from online reviews)
"Complete Digital Advantage did a great job upgrading my blog. Their professionalism throughout the whole process was outstanding."

"I am an extremely happy repeat client. They have done an excellent job for me every time. Can highly recommend their services."

Loved by people like you. Our clients stay with us for a lifetime. Curious to see more? Check out all our reviews here.

We can't wait to work on your website!

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