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A hand-written ‘thank you’ card mailed to our office – from one of our recent website clients. A wonderful, personal touch. Click or tap the photos to enlarge.

"Complete Digital Advantage did a great job upgrading my blog. Their professionalism throughout the whole process was outstanding."

"I am an extremely happy repeat client. They have done an excellent job for me every time. Can highly recommend their services."
"I took your website mock-ups to the committee meeting yesterday and everyone was blown away by how awesome they look.
Thank you so much."

Google reviews

Jenny McAuliffe
Jenny McAuliffe
23. April, 2021.
Service is always excellent. I am certainly very happy to recommend this company.
Captain Awesomepants
Captain Awesomepants
18. April, 2021.
Fantastic work from an easy and friendly crew. Their work far exceeded any expectations and we remain 100% happy with everything they did.
Brandon from CDA
Brandon from CDA
4. March, 2021.
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Facebook: Visit our Facebook page to see more reviews.

Facebook: Visit our Facebook page to see more reviews.

From bloggers:

“Updating my Blog with a subscribe button turned out to be a little more technical than I thought despite an UNYOUNG website telling me otherwise or should I say this little UNYOUNG brain didn’t need any stress so I consulted with an expert in the business. [This young man who owns this Digital business set up my blog and if anyone is looking to add some digital fun to their lives I can highly recommend Complete Digital Advantage]

So in a week or so, a subscribe button will appear as an additional feature somewhere on my adventure tale pages.  B at “CDA” has, in ‘UNYOUNG speak’ explained my options and I am looking forward to the resulting outcome. I have learned a lot from his wise counsel on all the things that apply to my ongoing foray into the world of technology and I must say it is keeping this little UNYOUNG’S brain ticking over nicely!”

– Jenny Mac, blog owner of See the full article mentioning us here.

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