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Hi, welcome to Complete Digital Advantage!

Complete Digital Advantage was founded in 2018 in Western Australia (although back then we traded under a different name). Over the first year or two, our website design and tech work was done like a hobby – after work and in our free time. We were testing the waters to see what people thought of our work.

We found that as we helped others, demand for us increased and so did popularity for our work. We consider our ‘official’ launch point in 2020 where we put website projects on the forefront of our services. We had so much we wanted to offer we decided to experiment with micro services, while still leading with websites.

In 2021, we’re leading with website design and management services, plus self-serve customer smart chat bots and visual design (graphics and advertisements).

Our business operates online and in virtual space, so we don’t have to worry about office expenses and rent – and those savings are passed on to you. When we need it, we hire out meeting rooms with our business partners, or conduct video meetings and calls.

From Facebook, Google, email, phone, and all around the world, people find us (primarily through our website)… and we’re curious how you found us first too. It’s nice to meet you!

Values we live by

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Be authentic

We wanted to be a brand that stood out from the many other agencies and companies of the world, so we went with a colour scheme that stands out.

Hot pink. Warm colours for those rockin’ summer vibes, and for brightness in everything we do.

Much like our brand colours, our solutions and designs stand out. Our team are picked for their skills and their passion. Everyone we work with loves connecting with us.

Keep things simple and straightforward

No jargon – it’s easier said than done. 

What help makes us different is we strive for simplicity – from the way we communicate to the services we offer. If there’s no reason to make it more complex, don’t.

Always learning

In order to be the best and offer you with the best services around, we need to always be learning. We believe the more informed we are, the better we can empower our clients with new ideas and keeping up with the latest trends and tools.


We care about building long-term value and building solutions to last. Our website services are more complex to setup, but they allow us to easily scale your website when you and your organisation grow and thrive. We want it to be built right from the start and made to last forever (or as close to forever as possible).

Punch [procrastination] in the face!

It’s a little more extreme than it sounds. But it’s the attitude we like to take. No procrastination, no excuses, no putting things off until tomorrow.

We fight back against delays and find our own solutions. Just like like everyone, we aren’t here forever – so we want to make the most of every single day.

We like to get to the bottom of things, and make sure that bugs are resolved properly. We strive to stop at nothing to help you and your organisation succeed!

Key facts about us

  • Complete Digital Advantage (CDA) is a small team of passionate technical, web, and design enthusiasts
  • We are based in regional Western Australia
  • We are expanding into the greater Asia-Pacific region
  • Our work is towards individuals and small to medium sized organisations (including start-ups) to give them a ‘boost’ in our online world.
  • Our clients come from the private and public industry, including community clubs, primary schools, and regional-based businesses.

What we do

  • Design, manage, and upgrade websites for businesses and non-for-profit organisations.
  • Provide graphic design, customer self-serve and smart chat bot and automation solutions.
  • Ensure everything we do is of remarkable quality and that we go above and beyond expectations
  • Be transparent. Be authentic. Connect on a personal level and provide exceptional service.

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